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Everything you need to know about external tools

Throughout the years of this game's existence, the community has created their own tools to make your experience on MyHordes more enjoyable.

Below you will find a list of these websites and extensions, along with information on how to use or access them.

List of tools

Note : The last two are browser extensions.

The developers of MyHordes endorse the use of some of these tools by letting players access them from a tooltip at the top left of the website:

Fata Morgana, Big Broth'Hordes and Gest'Hordes in particular each share, among various other unique features, an expanded map of the World Beyond of your town that players can easily update with crucial information tile-by-tile. They allow players to keep track of what and where items are on the ground, the amount of zombies, and whether or not a tile is exhausted, among other useful information. The use of such tools is recommended by a lot of players as it greatly helps in planning outings in the World Beyond.

How to enable external tools on MyHordes

Some external tools on MyHordes require you to generate an ID for external apps. This ID lets external tools access information about your town to enable some of their features (it is safe to use and does NOT allow access to your MyHordes account by third-parties). Any player can delete their ID at will, but note that doing so will disable the features that require it on external tools until you generate a new one.

To generate this ID, you need to open the menu found following these steps :

  1. My Soul
  2. Settings
  3. Advanced

After finding the menu of the advanced settings you should click on Generate a new ID.

Completing these steps is enough for most external tools requiring this ID, but the extensions require some extra steps.

Browser Extensions

My Hordes Optimizer and My Hordes Enhancer are browser extensions that add numerous useful functionalities directly on your MyHordes website pages. Both of them add a menu you can find in their respective tooltip added to the top left of MyHordes allowing you to check or uncheck various features according to your preferences, as shown in the following images.

Notably, they add a handy button to instantly update each of the external maps with all information available for the tile you're in while in the World Beyond.

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