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The Map of the World Beyond

The map lets you move around the desert, plan expeditions, mark the contents of squares and see the number of zombies.

Proximity View

To move around the World Beyond, use the map in near view:

  • Silhouettes: green = human, red = zombie.
  • Arrows: click to move.
  • Position: coordinates of the square you are in.
  • Map button: switches to plan view and vice versa.
  • Small diamond: indicates the direction in which to move to reach the next stage of the current expedition. If no expedition is selected, it indicates the direction in which the city is located.
  • Lower frame: indicates the degree of exploration of the area if you are a scout hero, as well as the distance in AP and kilometers from the city.

Proximity View


The map of the World Beyond is a grid. Each square has a coordinate, as in an orthonormal reference frame.

  • Hatched box : box you've never explored (by checking the Global button, hatched boxes are boxes never explored by all citizens).
  • Lightly hatched box: box you've explored in the past few days (by ticking the Global button, lightly hatched boxes are all boxes already explored by all citizens).
  • Non-hatched box: box you've explored during the day.
  • Case colorée : presence of zombies:
    • <color green>Isolated zombies</color>: 1 to 2 zombies.
    • <color orange>House of zombies</color>: 2 to 5 zombies.
    • <color red>Horde of zombies</color>: 4 or more zombies. Between 4 and 8 zombies if the Enhanced Card is built.
    • <color blue>Color appearing when Enhanced Map built</color>: 9 zombies or more.
  • Small square : desert building (its name is displayed when you move the mouse over it, unless it's an area to be cleared).

House : your town

//Traits// and //Numbers//: indicates the route of the expedition currently selected. The numbers indicate the order of the stages to be completed.

Important: Information on the presence of zombies is reset daily.

Note: The fact that certain group sizes can fall into several different colors adds unpredictability to travel in the Otherworld. This is not a wiki error.



Markers are indications that a player can give when on a square. You can display them by clicking on the Markers button:

  • Help Marker (this marker is removed once the player has left, in V2 it was added automatically if a player called for help on the forum and removed once the player had left, whereas this was not the case if the marker was added manually)
  • Abandoned resources (wood, metal, etc).
  • Abandoned objects (food, batteries, etc).
  • Important Objects! (defense objects, handfuls of screws and nuts, copper tubes, etc)
  • Zone exhausted
  • Zone temporarily under control
  • Zone to be cleared (see Clearing a buildingplugin-autotooltip__default plugin-autotooltip_bigContrôle, déplacement et actions au dehors

    Contrôle, déplacement et actions au dehors


    L'Outre-Monde est le nom donné au désert entourant la ville. Peuplé de zombies, parsemé de quelques rares arbres morts, percé de quelques bâtiments, c'est un lieu étrange et dangereux pour les aventuriers amateurs, même munis d'une
  • 5 to 8 zombies
  • More than 9 zombies
  • Planned Camping


Note: the tools Ghest'Hordes and Big Broth Hordes offer comprehensive maps enabling explorers to share information about the World Beyond (objects on the ground, number of zombies in a zone, etc.)


Expeditions can be traced via the map. More information in the Expeditions section.

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